Why Did Jesus Call His First Four Disciples?

When we read through the New Testament, we come across several stories of Jesus calling his disciples. Among them, the first four that Jesus chose to follow him were Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John. These individuals were fishermen by trade and had no idea what was in store for them when Jesus called out to them.

Who Were The First Four Disciples?

Simon Peter was a fisherman from Bethsaida and was married. Andrew was Simon Peter’s brother and they were both from the same town. James and John were brothers too, both fishermen from Galilee.

Why Did Jesus Choose Them?

Jesus could have chosen anyone as his disciples but he chose these four individuals for a specific reason. At first glance, their profession as fishermen might not seem like an obvious choice for followers of Christ but there are deep layers to this choice.

  • They Were Hardworking
  • Being fishermen meant that they had to work hard day in and day out, sometimes even through the night. They knew the value of hard work and dedication which would later become useful in their ministry with Jesus.

  • They Were Familiar With The Sea
  • Living near the Sea of Galilee meant that these four men were accustomed to storms and waves. They knew how to navigate through rough waters which would later come in handy when they faced challenges during their ministry.

  • They Were Willing To Take Risks
  • Leaving behind everything they knew to follow Jesus was a huge risk for these men but they did it anyway. It showed that they had faith in something greater than themselves which would later become a crucial aspect of their ministry.

What Was The Purpose Of Choosing These Four Disciples?

Jesus chose these four men not just to follow him but also to become his closest confidants. They would witness all the miracles that Jesus performed and would be privy to some of his most intimate moments.

They Were To Be Trained As Leaders

Jesus knew that he wouldn’t be on Earth forever so he chose these men to carry on his teachings after he was gone. He wanted them to become leaders who would spread his message of love, hope and redemption.

They Were To Be Witnesses To His Ministry

The first four disciples were with Jesus from the very beginning of his ministry. They witnessed all the miracles, the teachings and the challenges that came with it. They were to become witnesses to all that Jesus did and said so that others could believe in him too.

The Significance Of The First Four Disciples

The first four disciples chosen by Jesus were not just random people but individuals who had specific qualities that Jesus deemed important for his ministry. Their willingness to leave everything behind and follow him showed their faith in God’s plan for their lives.

Through their experiences with Jesus, they were transformed into leaders who would continue spreading the gospel long after he was gone. Their testimony is a reminder of how ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they put their faith in something greater than themselves.

In conclusion, the first four disciples chosen by Jesus were not just a coincidence but an intentional decision made by him. Through their experiences with him, they became leaders who helped spread the gospel message throughout the world.