Why Did Jesus Choose the 12 Disciples to Be His Apostles?

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, chose 12 disciples to be His apostles. These 12 men were hand-picked by Jesus Himself, and their mission was to spread the word of God throughout the world.

But why did Jesus choose these particular 12 men? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Jesus’ selection of the 12 disciples as His apostles.

The Number 12

Firstly, it is important to note that the number 12 holds great significance in the Bible. The number 12 represents completeness and perfection, as there were 12 tribes of Israel in the Old Testament. By choosing 12 disciples, Jesus was symbolically representing a new Israel – a complete and perfect people of God.

Their Backgrounds

Another reason why Jesus chose these specific individuals was because of their backgrounds. The majority of them were fishermen, which may seem like an odd choice for apostles – but it actually fit perfectly into Jesus’ plan. Fishermen were hardworking and used to spending long hours on their boats, which would come in handy when spreading the gospel across great distances.

One disciple, Matthew, was a tax collector – a despised profession at that time. By choosing Matthew as one of His apostles, Jesus showed that no one is beyond redemption or unworthy of being chosen by God.

Their Personalities

Jesus also chose His apostles based on their personalities and character traits. Peter was impulsive and outspoken – traits that would both help and hinder him during his ministry.

Thomas was skeptical but ultimately loyal. James and John were ambitious but had much to learn about humility.

By choosing a diverse group with different personalities and strengths/weaknesses, Jesus ensured that His message would be delivered effectively to different types of people with various backgrounds.

Training for Future Leaders

Lastly, Jesus chose the 12 disciples to be His apostles because He wanted to train them as future leaders of the Church. Jesus knew that He would not physically be with them forever, and so He needed to prepare them to carry on His teachings after He was gone.

Through His teachings and example, Jesus showed the disciples how to live a life of service, humility, and love. He trained them in preaching and healing, and ultimately empowered them with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost – giving them everything they needed to spread the gospel throughout the world.


In conclusion, Jesus chose the 12 disciples to be His apostles for many reasons. The number 12 symbolized completeness and perfection; their backgrounds were suited for the task at hand; their personalities were diverse; and they were being trained as future leaders of the Church. By choosing these 12 men, Jesus ensured that His message would be spread far and wide – ultimately changing the world forever.