Why Did Jesus Choose the 12 Disciples?

When Jesus began his ministry, he had a lot of people following him. However, he chose only twelve men to be his closest disciples.

The question is, why did he choose these twelve? Let’s explore the reasons behind Jesus’ decision.

The Number Twelve

Firstly, it’s important to note that the number twelve holds significance in Jewish tradition. There were twelve tribes of Israel, and so choosing twelve disciples could symbolize Jesus’ mission to bring salvation to all Israel.

Chosen From Different Backgrounds

Another reason why Jesus chose these particular men was that they came from various backgrounds. Some were fishermen, like Peter and Andrew.

Matthew was a tax collector, and Simon was a zealot. By choosing men from different backgrounds, Jesus showed that his message was not just for a particular group of people but for everyone.

Teach and Spread His Message

Of course, the main reason why Jesus selected these men was to teach them about his message and spread it to others. These twelve became his closest followers and learned from him directly. They witnessed his miracles, heard his teachings firsthand, and were eventually commissioned by him to go out into the world and share what they had learned.

Apostles vs Disciples

It’s also worth noting the difference between apostles and disciples in this context. While there were many followers of Jesus who could be considered disciples, the term “apostle” specifically referred to those twelve chosen by Jesus himself.

Unity Amongst Diversity

Finally, choosing twelve disciples also showed that unity can exist amongst diversity. Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, these men came together under the common purpose of spreading Jesus’ message of love and salvation.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why Jesus chose the twelve disciples he did. From symbolizing his mission to bring salvation to all Israel, to selecting men from different backgrounds to teach and spread his message, the choice of these twelve men was intentional and purposeful. Their legacy continues today as their teachings and message are still being spread around the world.