Why Did Jesus Disciples Run Away?

The story of Jesus and his disciples is one of the most fascinating and inspiring stories in human history. However, there are also some moments in the story that are difficult to understand, such as why did Jesus’ disciples run away when he was arrested? In this article, we will explore this question and try to find some answers.

Who Were Jesus’ Disciples?

Before delving into the reasons for their actions, it’s important to understand who Jesus’ disciples were. The disciples were a group of men who followed Jesus during his ministry on earth. They witnessed his miracles, heard his teachings, and were present during some of the most significant events in his life.

The Story of Jesus’ Arrest

According to the Bible, after celebrating the Passover meal with his disciples in Jerusalem, Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. While he was praying, Judas Iscariot arrived with a group of soldiers sent by the high priests to arrest him. When they approached Jesus, one of his disciples drew a sword and cut off the ear of one of the soldiers.

What happened next is crucial to our understanding of why the disciples ran away. Instead of fighting back or trying to escape, Jesus calmly surrendered himself to the soldiers. He knew that this was part of God’s plan for him and that he had to go through with it.

The Reasons for Their Actions

So why did the disciples run away when their leader was arrested? There are several possible reasons:

  • Fear: The most obvious reason is fear. The disciples knew that they could be arrested too if they stayed with Jesus. They had seen how powerful the authorities were and how easily they could crush anyone who opposed them.
  • Confusion: Another reason could be confusion.

    The disciples had been following Jesus for a long time and had come to believe that he was the Messiah who would save them from their oppressors. When they saw him being arrested, they may have been confused and unsure of what was happening.

  • Disillusionment: Some scholars suggest that the disciples were disillusioned with Jesus because he didn’t turn out to be the kind of Messiah they were expecting. They may have felt betrayed by him and lost faith in his mission.

The Aftermath

Whatever the reasons for their actions, the fact remains that the disciples did run away when Jesus was arrested. Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, even denied knowing him three times before the cock crowed.

However, this does not mean that the disciples abandoned Jesus completely. After his death and resurrection, they regrouped and continued spreading his message throughout the world. They became some of the most important figures in early Christianity and played a crucial role in its development.


In conclusion, we may never know exactly why Jesus’ disciples ran away when he was arrested. However, we can speculate that fear, confusion, and disillusionment were some of the factors at play. Despite their momentary lapse in courage, the disciples went on to become some of history’s most influential figures and played a vital role in spreading Jesus’ message throughout the world.