Why Did Jesus Disguise Himself After the Resurrection?

After Jesus Christ was crucified and buried, he rose from the dead on the third day and appeared to his disciples in different forms. But there is one particular incident that stands out – when Jesus disguised himself after the resurrection.

Why Did Jesus Disguise Himself?

The answer to this question lies in the Gospel of Luke (24:13-35), where two of Jesus’ followers were walking to Emmaus on the day of his resurrection. They were discussing what had happened over the past few days when a stranger joined them on their journey. It was, in fact, Jesus, but they did not recognize him.

This raises the question – why did Jesus disguise himself? One possible reason is that he wanted to test their faith and see if they truly believed in him. He could have simply revealed himself to them and made them believe without any doubt, but instead, he chose to walk with them in disguise and test their faith.

The Importance of Faith

Faith is an essential aspect of Christianity as it allows believers to trust God’s plan even when things seem uncertain or challenging. In this story, Jesus disguised himself to teach his followers a valuable lesson about faith. He wanted them to believe without seeing him and trust him even when things didn’t seem clear.

The Power of Trust

Jesus knew that his followers were struggling with confusion and fear after his death and resurrection. Therefore, by disguising himself, he showed them that they could trust him even when they couldn’t see or recognize him physically. This act demonstrated the power of trust and faith in God’s plan.

The Significance of Recognizing Christ

As they walked along the road with Jesus, he began explaining the scriptures about himself and how he fulfilled all that was written about him. It wasn’t until later on during dinner that evening when Jesus broke bread with them that they finally recognized him. This moment was significant as it showed that Christ is present in our daily lives, and we must learn to recognize him in everything we do.


In conclusion, Jesus disguised himself after the resurrection to teach his followers a valuable lesson about faith and trust. He wanted them to recognize that even when things seem uncertain, God is always present and working in our lives. By recognizing Christ’s presence, we can have faith in his plan and trust him even when we cannot see or understand it fully.