Why Did Jesus Gather His Disciples?

When Jesus was on earth, he gathered a group of followers who became known as his disciples. But why did he do this?

What was the purpose of gathering these individuals around him? In this article, we will explore some possible reasons for why Jesus chose to gather his disciples.

Teaching and Training

One of the primary reasons Jesus gathered his disciples was to teach and train them. Jesus knew that his time on earth was limited, and he wanted to ensure that his message would continue after he was gone. By gathering a group of followers who could learn from him directly, he could pass on his teachings and ensure that they were understood and remembered.

Jesus often used parables and stories to teach his disciples, helping them understand complex ideas through relatable examples. He also provided practical guidance on how to live a life of faith, modeling the behaviors and attitudes that were central to his message.

Spreading the Gospel

Another reason Jesus gathered his disciples was to spread the gospel message throughout the world. He knew that he could not reach everyone himself, so he needed a group of people who would be willing to share his message with others.

Jesus sent out his disciples on various missions throughout their time together, giving them specific instructions on what they should do and say. He also promised to be with them always, providing guidance and support as they carried out their mission.

Building Community

Finally, Jesus gathered his disciples to build a community of believers who could support one another in their faith journeys. The disciples were not just students or messengers; they were part of a larger family that shared common beliefs and values.

Jesus modeled this kind of community by living in close relationship with his disciples. They traveled together, ate together, prayed together, and shared their lives with one another. This sense of community helped strengthen their faith and provided a sense of belonging that was crucial in the early days of the Christian church.


Jesus gathered his disciples for many reasons, including teaching and training, spreading the gospel message, and building a community of believers. By gathering a group of followers around him, he was able to ensure that his message would continue long after he was gone.

As we reflect on Jesus’ example, we can see the importance of learning from others, sharing our faith with those around us, and building strong relationships within our own communities. May we all strive to follow in his footsteps and continue his work in the world today.