Why Did Jesus Give His Disciples Bread?

When we read about Jesus in the Bible, we often come across stories of Him feeding crowds of people with just a few loaves of bread and fish. However, there is one instance where Jesus gave bread specifically to His disciples. In this article, we will explore why Jesus gave His disciples bread and what significance it holds.

The Last Supper

The event where Jesus gave His disciples bread is known as the Last Supper. This was a momentous occasion that took place on the night before Jesus was crucified. As described in the Bible (Matthew 26:17-30), Jesus gathered with His twelve disciples to share a meal together.

The Bread and Wine

During the meal, Jesus took a loaf of bread, blessed it, broke it into pieces, and gave it to His disciples saying, “Take, eat; this is my body” (Matthew 26:26). He also took a cup of wine, blessed it, and gave it to them saying, “Drink ye all of it; for this is my blood of the new testament” (Matthew 26:27-28).

The Symbolism

The breaking of bread and sharing of wine has become known as Communion or the Eucharist in many Christian traditions. It symbolizes the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for our sins. The bread represents His body which was broken and given for us, while the wine represents His blood which was shed for us.

The Meaning for Disciples

So why did Jesus give His disciples bread specifically at the Last Supper? The act of giving them bread was not just about physical nourishment but had deeper spiritual significance for His followers.

Firstly, by giving them bread to eat, Jesus showed that He cared about their physical needs. He knew that they had been traveling and ministering with Him for a long time and were likely tired and hungry. This act of kindness demonstrated His love and concern for them.

Secondly, by breaking the bread and giving it to His disciples, Jesus was also symbolically breaking Himself open to them. He was sharing His essence with them, just as the bread was broken into pieces for each of them to partake in.

Thirdly, the act of sharing bread together also represented unity and fellowship among the disciples. They were all partaking in the same bread, which symbolized their shared faith in Jesus.

In Conclusion

The act of Jesus giving His disciples bread at the Last Supper was not just a simple meal but had deeper spiritual significance. It represented His love and care for his followers, his sacrifice on the cross, and the unity among believers. Today, Christians continue to participate in Communion or the Eucharist as a way of remembering these important truths.