Why Did Jesus Send His Disciples in a Boat?

When we think of Jesus and his disciples, we often imagine them walking together or sitting around a table, but there is one particular story in the Bible where Jesus sends his disciples on a boat. This story can be found in the book of Matthew, chapter 14.


Before diving into why Jesus sent his disciples on a boat, it’s important to understand the context. At this point in the story, Jesus had just fed 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. After this miracle, Jesus sent his disciples ahead of him on a boat while he went up to the mountain to pray.

The Storm:

As the disciples were sailing across the sea, they encountered a fierce storm. The winds were blowing against them and the waves were crashing over the boat. The disciples were afraid for their lives and began to panic.

Jesus Walks on Water:

In the midst of this storm, something incredible happened. Jesus appeared to his disciples walking on water! The disciples were terrified at first, thinking they were seeing a ghost.

But Jesus reassured them by saying “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

Peter’s Faith:

Peter was one of Jesus’ closest disciples and he was always eager to show his faith. When Peter saw that it was really Jesus walking on water, he asked if he could come out and walk with him too. So Peter stepped out of the boat and began walking towards Jesus.

However, as soon as Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the storm around him, he began to sink. He cried out for help and Jesus immediately reached out his hand to save him.

Why Did Jesus Send His Disciples in a Boat?

So why did Jesus send his disciples in a boat during this storm? There are a few possible reasons.

First, Jesus may have wanted to test his disciples’ faith. By sending them into a storm, he wanted to see if they would trust in him and his power to save them.

Secondly, Jesus may have wanted to teach them a lesson about fear. The disciples were afraid for their lives in the midst of the storm, but when Jesus appeared to them and reassured them, their fear vanished.

Lastly, Jesus may have simply needed some time alone to pray. As we see throughout the Gospels, Jesus often went off by himself to pray and connect with his Father in heaven.


In conclusion, the story of Jesus sending his disciples on a boat teaches us many valuable lessons about faith, fear, and the power of prayer. It reminds us that even in the midst of life’s storms, we can trust in Jesus to save us and give us peace. So let us hold fast to our faith and never lose sight of our Savior who walks on water.