Why Did Jesus Tell His Disciples to Wash Each Others Feet?

When Jesus was having His last supper with His disciples, He did something unexpected. He got up, took off His outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around His waist. He then poured water into a basin and began to wash His disciples’ feet.

This act of humility shocked the disciples and left them confused. Why would their master and teacher wash their feet like a servant? In this article, we’ll explore the significance of this act and why Jesus instructed His disciples to do the same.

What is Foot Washing?

Foot washing was a common practice in ancient times as people wore sandals on dusty roads. It was a sign of hospitality and respect to offer a guest water to wash their feet upon arrival. However, foot washing also had spiritual significance as it symbolized cleansing from sin.

The Meaning Behind Jesus’ Act

When Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, He was demonstrating servanthood and humility. In those days, foot washing was considered the job of the lowliest servant in the household. By doing this act Himself, Jesus modeled how we should treat one another with love and care regardless of social status or position.

Furthermore, Jesus wanted to teach His disciples about true leadership. In Mark 10:43-45, He says, “But among you it will be different.

Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant..For even I, the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others.” By washing their feet, Jesus showed that true leaders lead by serving others rather than seeking power or control.

Jesus’ Commandment

After washing their feet, Jesus told His disciples that they should do the same for each other. In John 13:14-15, He says,”Now that I have washed your feet, you should also wash each other’s feet.I have given you an example to follow.

Do as I have done to you.” Jesus wanted His disciples to understand that serving one another was essential in following Him.

Application Today

Today, foot washing is not a common practice in most cultures. However, the principle behind it is still relevant.

Jesus’ act of foot washing reminds us that we should serve and love one another with humility and without prejudice. It also teaches us that true leadership involves being a servant to others rather than seeking power or control.

In conclusion, Jesus’ act of washing His disciples’ feet was a powerful symbol of servanthood, humility, and love. He wanted His disciples to understand that serving one another with humility is an essential part of following Him. May we all strive to follow Jesus’ example by serving one another with love and humility.