Why Did Jesus Told His Disciples to Meet Him at Galilee?

When Jesus rose from the dead, he instructed his disciples to meet him at Galilee. But why did he specifically choose this location? Let’s explore some possible reasons.

Galilee – A familiar place

Galilee was a region in northern Israel where Jesus spent most of his life and ministry. It was where he performed many of his miracles and taught his disciples. Therefore, it was a familiar place for both Jesus and his followers.

Symbolic significance

Another reason why Jesus may have chosen Galilee is because of its symbolic significance. In the Old Testament, Galilee was referred to as “Galilee of the Gentiles” (Isaiah 9:1) because it was a place where non-Jewish people lived. By meeting his disciples in Galilee, Jesus could be signaling that his message and salvation were not just for the Jews but for all people.

A safe location

After Jesus’ crucifixion, his disciples were likely feeling scared and uncertain about their future. Meeting in Galilee, away from the hostile authorities in Jerusalem, would have been a safer option for them.

A new beginning

Finally, meeting in Galilee could symbolize a new beginning for Jesus’ ministry and his disciples. It was where everything started for them, and now they could start anew with the knowledge that their Lord had risen from the dead.


There may have been several reasons why Jesus instructed his disciples to meet him at Galilee after his resurrection. Perhaps it was because of its familiarity to both him and his followers or its symbolic significance as a place where non-Jewish people lived. Regardless of the reason, it provided a safe space for them to come together after such a tumultuous time and begin anew with their faith in Christ.