Why Did Jesus Walk With His Disciples?

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is known for his teachings, miracles, and his close association with his disciples. One of the most significant aspects of Jesus’s life was his habit of walking with his disciples.

But why did Jesus walk with his disciples? In this article, we will explore some reasons behind Jesus’s decision to walk with his disciples.

Teaching and Discipleship

Jesus was a master teacher who used various methods to impart knowledge to his followers. Walking with them was one such method that he used.

During their walks together, Jesus would explain the meaning behind parables and other teachings in a way that was easy for them to understand. He also used this time to answer any questions they had about his teachings.

Walking with Jesus allowed the disciples to learn from him in a natural setting outside of formal teaching environments. It allowed them to experience firsthand how he lived and interacted with others, which helped shape their understanding of what it meant to be a disciple.

Building Relationships

Another reason why Jesus walked with his disciples was to build relationships with them. Walking side by side allowed for deeper conversations and bonding between Jesus and his followers. It created opportunities for personal interactions that may not have been possible in other settings.

By walking together, Jesus demonstrated that he valued spending time with each of them individually and as a group. This helped create a sense of community among the disciples and fostered a deep sense of loyalty towards their leader.

Modeling Servant Leadership

Jesus was not just a teacher but also a servant leader who led by example. Walking alongside his disciples demonstrated this leadership style by showing that he was willing to be humble and serve those around him.

During their walks together, Jesus would often perform acts of kindness towards others they encountered along the way. For example, he once healed a blind man while on the way to Jericho with his disciples. By doing so, he modeled the importance of serving others and putting their needs above our own.


In conclusion, Jesus walked with his disciples for several reasons. It allowed him to teach them in a natural setting, build deeper relationships with them, model servant leadership, and create a sense of community among his followers. Though we may not be able to physically walk with Jesus today, we can still learn from his teachings and follow his example by serving others and building strong relationships within our communities.