Why Did People Get Married in Ancient Times?

Marriage is a sacred bond that has been practiced by humans for centuries. The institution of marriage has undergone many changes throughout history, and ancient times were no exception. In this article, we’ll explore why people got married in ancient times.

Arranged Marriages

One of the primary reasons people got married in ancient times was for practical reasons such as political alliances or financial gain. Arranged marriages were common in many cultures, where families would negotiate and arrange marriages based on their social status, wealth, or political power.

In ancient Rome, marriage was seen as a way to establish alliances between families and increase social status. The wealthy and powerful families would arrange marriages for their children to ensure their legacy continued.

Procreation and Family

Another significant reason people got married in ancient times was for procreation and family. Having children was crucial for the survival of a family’s lineage, and marriage was seen as a way to legitimize the children’s birth. In many cultures, having children out of wedlock was taboo.

In ancient Greece, marriage was viewed as a way to create legitimate heirs who could inherit property and continue the family line. Marriage also played an essential role in maintaining social order by defining gender roles within the household.

Religious Beliefs

Religion played a significant role in shaping the institution of marriage in many ancient societies. In Egypt, marriage was considered a religious duty that ensured the couple’s protection by the gods. The Egyptians also believed that marriage helped maintain order within society.

In India, marriage is considered one of the most important sacraments in Hinduism. It is believed that through marriage, two souls become one, and they embark on a journey together to fulfill their spiritual duties.


While love wasn’t always the primary reason people got married in ancient times, it did exist. In ancient China, for example, love was considered an essential element of marriage. The Chinese believed that the best marriages were based on mutual love and respect.

In ancient Rome, love wasn’t the primary reason people got married, but it did exist. Roman poets often wrote about the joys of being in love and how it could transform a person’s life.


In conclusion, people got married in ancient times for a variety of reasons. Arranged marriages were common for political or financial gain, while procreation and family played a significant role in maintaining social order. Religion also shaped the institution of marriage in many cultures, and love was sometimes a factor as well.

No matter what the reason was for getting married in ancient times, it’s clear that marriage has always been an essential part of human society and will continue to be so for many years to come.