Why Did the History Channel Drop American Pickers?

The History Channel’s hit show American Pickers has been a fan favorite for over a decade, but recently, there has been talk about the show being dropped. This news has left many fans wondering why this decision was made. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind why the History Channel may have decided to drop American Pickers.

Declining Ratings

One of the main reasons that could have resulted in dropping American Pickers is declining ratings. Over the years, the show’s ratings have fluctuated, with some seasons having better ratings than others.

However, in recent times, the show’s ratings have been on a steady decline. This decline could be attributed to several factors such as changing viewing habits or saturation of similar content in the market.

High Production Costs

Another reason that could have contributed to the decision to drop American Pickers is high production costs. As a reality TV show that involves travel and filming at different locations across America, it undoubtedly incurs significant expenses. The cost of travel and accommodations for cast and crew members can add up quickly and become a burden on the budget.

New Programming Priorities

The History Channel may also have shifted its programming priorities towards new content that aligns more with current trends and audience demands. With streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime providing viewers with an endless stream of content options, traditional TV networks need to keep up with changing trends to stay relevant.


In conclusion, while we may never know exactly why the History Channel decided to drop American Pickers, it is likely due to a combination of factors such as declining ratings, high production costs, and shifting programming priorities. Whatever may be the reason behind this decision, fans can still enjoy reruns of their favorite episodes on various streaming platforms and look forward to new content from their beloved stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz in the future.