Why Do We Call the Resurrection of Jesus Easter?

Easter is a Christian holiday that is celebrated every year in the spring. It is one of the most significant events in Christianity and marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But have you ever wondered why we call it Easter?

The word “Easter” has its roots in Old English and was originally spelled “Eostre.” Eostre was a pagan goddess who was worshipped by the Anglo-Saxons in England. She was associated with the spring season, fertility, and new beginnings.

When Christianity began to spread throughout England, Christian leaders saw an opportunity to merge their beliefs with existing pagan traditions. One of these traditions was the celebration of Eostre’s festival which occurred during the spring equinox.

Christian leaders decided to rename the festival to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection, which also occurred during this time. The name “Easter” stuck and became widely used across England and eventually spread throughout the world.

Today, Easter is celebrated by Christians all over the world as a time of renewal and rebirth. It is a time for reflection on Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and his victory over death through his resurrection.

During Easter, Christians attend church services, decorate eggs, give gifts, and participate in other traditions that vary by culture. For example, in some countries like Spain and Mexico, there are processions where people carry statues of Jesus Christ through the streets.

In conclusion, Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The name “Easter” has its roots in Old English and was once associated with a pagan goddess but was later repurposed by Christian leaders to celebrate this important event. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it remains an important holiday that continues to bring people together every year.