Why Is Filipino American History Month Celebrated in October?

Filipino American History Month is celebrated every October in the United States. This month-long celebration is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of Filipino Americans to the American society and culture.

But have you ever wondered why this particular month was chosen for this significant commemoration? In this article, we will explore the history behind the observance of Filipino American History Month in October.

The Beginning of Filipino American History Month

The journey towards establishing Filipino American History Month began in the 1980s when a group of Filipino Americans in California formed a coalition called “The Filipino American National Historical Society” (FANHS). The FANHS aimed to promote and preserve the history, culture, and achievements of Filipino Americans throughout the United States.

In 1988, the FANHS declared October as “Filipino American History Month.” It was chosen because it marks an essential event in Philippine history. On October 18, 1587, Filipinos first landed on what is now known as Morro Bay, California. This event marked the first recorded presence of Filipinos in America.

The Significance of Celebrating Filipino American History Month

Filipino Americans have a rich history that has shaped America’s story and contributed significantly to its growth and development. From their involvement in World War II to their contributions in arts, literature, sports, politics, science and technology; Filipinos have made remarkable contributions that deserve recognition.

Celebrating Filipino American History Month provides an opportunity for people to learn about these remarkable contributions and appreciate them fully. It also helps raise awareness about issues affecting the community such as discrimination and racism while promoting unity among all Americans.

How Is Filipino American History Month Celebrated?

Filipino American History Month is celebrated nationwide through various activities such as cultural events, exhibits, parades, conferences, film screenings, and lectures. These events aim to bring together the Filipino American community and the broader American society to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Filipinos in America.

In addition, schools and universities across the country hold various programs that help students learn about the culture, history, and contributions of Filipino Americans. This educational aspect is crucial in ensuring that future generations recognize the value of diversity and appreciate cultural differences.

In Conclusion

Filipino American History Month is an essential celebration that recognizes the valuable contributions of Filipinos to American society and culture. By celebrating this month, we honor their legacy and promote unity among all Americans. The choice of October as the month for this celebration holds great significance in Philippine history, marking a momentous event that brought Filipinos to America.

Let us continue to celebrate Filipino American History Month every October by learning about their history and culture while promoting unity among all Americans.