Why Is It Important That Jesus Lived a Perfect Life?

When we talk about Jesus Christ, we often hear the phrase “He lived a perfect life.” But why is it so important that Jesus lived a perfect life? In this article, we’ll explore the significance of Jesus’ sinless life and what it means for us as believers.

What Does It Mean to Live a Perfect Life?

To understand why Jesus’ perfect life is so significant, we need to first define what it means to live a perfect life. Living a perfect life doesn’t mean that someone never makes mistakes or faces challenges. Instead, living a perfect life means that someone never sinned – they always obeyed God’s commands and lived in complete righteousness.

Why Did Jesus Need to Live a Perfect Life?

Jesus came to earth as fully God and fully man. He took on human form so that He could fulfill God’s plan to redeem humanity from sin.

In order to do this, Jesus needed to live a sinless life. If He had sinned even once, He would not have been able to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

What Does Jesus’ Perfect Life Mean for Us?

Jesus’ sinless life has incredible implications for us as believers. First and foremost, it means that He was able to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

When Jesus died on the cross, He took on all of our sins and paid the penalty for them in full. Because of His sinless life, His sacrifice was acceptable to God and able to atone for our sins.

Additionally, Jesus’ sinless life serves as an example for us as followers of Christ. While we will never be able to live a completely sinless life like Jesus did, we can strive towards righteousness and obedience in all areas of our lives. We can look to Him as our ultimate example of how to live in holiness and purity.


In conclusion, Jesus’ sinless life is incredibly important for us as believers. It allowed Him to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins, and it serves as an example for us to strive towards righteousness and obedience. As we seek to follow Christ, let us remember the significance of His perfect life and the incredible gift of salvation that it made possible.