Why Was There Not a History of the World Part 2?

The Original History of the World

The original History of the World was a satirical film released by Mel Brooks in 1981. The movie was a comedic take on world history, covering major events and figures from prehistoric times to the French Revolution. The movie was well-received by audiences and critics alike, grossing over $31 million at the box office.

The Idea for a Sequel

Given the success of the original film, fans and critics alike wondered if there would be a sequel. In interviews, Mel Brooks hinted at the possibility of a second film.

He even joked about possible titles for the sequel such as “Jews in Space”. However, despite these hints, no sequel was ever made.

Brooks’ Explanation

In an interview with Larry King in 2013, Mel Brooks explained why there was not a History of the World Part 2. Brooks explained that he had originally intended to make a sequel but abandoned the idea due to several factors:

  • The original movie covered so much history that it would be difficult to find new material to cover in a sequel.
  • Many of the actors from the original film had passed away or were too old to reprise their roles.
  • The cost of making another historical epic would be too high.

Other Factors

In addition to these factors, there were other reasons why a sequel was not made. The original movie was not without controversy – some critics accused it of being insensitive to certain groups such as Native Americans and African Americans. Given today’s heightened sensitivity towards political correctness, it’s possible that a sequel may have faced more backlash than the original film.


While fans of the original film may have been disappointed that there was never a History of the World Part 2, it’s clear that Mel Brooks had good reasons for not making one. Sometimes, it’s better to leave a classic movie alone rather than try to force a sequel that may not live up to the original.