Will Mel Brooks Make History of the World Part 2?

Mel Brooks is a legendary filmmaker known for his unique style of comedy that has entertained audiences for decades. In 1981, he released the satirical film “History of the World Part 1”, which took viewers on a humorous journey through significant events in history. Now, fans are left wondering if there will be a sequel, “History of the World Part 2”.

Why Fans Want a Sequel

“History of the World Part 1” was a huge success, grossing over $31 million at the box office. It became a cult classic and remains a beloved film among fans of Brooks’ work.

The movie’s ending teased a sequel, with the title card reading “Jews in Space” appearing on screen. This left viewers excited for what could come next.

What Mel Brooks Has Said

In interviews, Mel Brooks has expressed interest in making a sequel to “History of the World Part 1”. He even revealed that he had written some ideas for it but was waiting for the right time to move forward with production.

However, there have been some obstacles in making this sequel happen. For one thing, Mel Brooks is now 94 years old and may not have as much energy or desire to direct another film. Additionally, studios may be hesitant to invest in a sequel that is so heavily tied to previous material.

What Fans Can Expect

If “History of the World Part 2” were to happen, fans could expect more of the same type of humor they loved in the first film – irreverent and satirical takes on historical events. It’s likely that we would see new characters and scenarios introduced as well.

While there is no official word yet on whether “History of the World Part 2” will ever be made, fans can hold out hope that Mel Brooks will find inspiration to bring this sequel to life. In the meantime, we can always revisit the original film and marvel at its timeless comedy.

  • Pros: Fans of Mel Brooks and “History of the World Part 1” would be thrilled to see a sequel that continues the humor and satire of the first film.
  • Cons: Mel Brooks is now 94 years old, and it may be difficult for him to direct another film. Additionally, studios may not want to invest in a sequel that relies so heavily on previous material.