Will There Ever Be a History of the World Part 2?

Mel Brooks’ 1981 film, “History of the World Part I,” was a satirical take on human history, covering events from the Stone Age to the French Revolution. Fans have been wondering for decades if there would ever be a sequel to this hilarious romp through history.

But will there ever be a “History of the World Part II” Let’s explore.


“History of the World Part I” was a commercial success and remains a cult classic to this day. The film featured an all-star cast including Mel Brooks, Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, and Cloris Leachman. It was written and directed by Brooks himself.

The film is divided into several comedic sketches that parody different historical eras. Some of the most memorable segments include “The Dawn of Man,” which features cavemen discovering fire and musical theater, and “The Spanish Inquisition,” which pokes fun at the infamous religious tribunal.

Despite its success, Brooks has never announced plans for a sequel to “History of the World Part I.” Fans have been left wondering if there will ever be a follow-up film that continues the story.

Possible Sequel Ideas

If Mel Brooks were to make a sequel to “History of the World,” what might it look like Here are some possible ideas:

  • Modern Times: The first film ends with a teaser for “Jews in Space,” which could be expanded upon in a new movie set in present-day times. The plot could involve aliens visiting Earth and teaming up with humans to save the planet.
  • Ancient China: While the first movie touched on various historical eras, it didn’t delve too deeply into Chinese history.

    A sequel could explore the Qin Dynasty, the Great Wall of China, and other important events.

  • Medieval Europe: The original film spent a lot of time on the French Revolution but didn’t cover much of medieval Europe. A sequel could include sketches about knights, castles, and the Black Death.


While a “History of the World Part II” might sound like a great idea to fans of the original film, there are several challenges that would need to be overcome in order for it to become a reality.

For one thing, Mel Brooks is now 95 years old and may not have the energy or desire to make another feature film. Additionally, many of the actors from the first movie have passed away or are no longer acting.

Another challenge is finding a way to make a sequel that feels fresh and relevant in today’s cultural climate. The first movie was released over 40 years ago and some of its humor might not resonate with modern audiences.


While there are certainly obstacles standing in the way of a “History of the World Part II,” it’s clear that fans would love to see Mel Brooks tackle another comedic romp through human history. Whether it’s set in ancient China or modern times, there’s no doubt that Brooks’ signature brand of humor would make for an entertaining and hilarious ride.