Is US History or World History Easier?

When it comes to history classes, one of the most common debates is whether US History or World History is easier. While both subjects are fascinating in their own right, they require different approaches and skill sets to excel in. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between the two and help you decide which one might be a better fit for you.

US History

US History is a study of America’s past, from the colonial period to modern times. This subject covers everything from major events such as the American Revolution and Civil War to social movements like civil rights and feminism. One of the advantages of studying US History is that it is a more focused subject than World History, which can make it easier to understand.


  • Focus on American history makes it easier to comprehend
  • More resources available due to being a popular subject
  • More relatable content for American students


  • Narrow scope can limit understanding of global events
  • Less emphasis on cultural diversity compared to World History
  • Might not provide enough context about events outside US borders

World History

World History is a study of global events from prehistoric times to the present day. This subject covers everything from ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome to modern-day conflicts such as World War II and the Cold War. One of the advantages of studying World History is that it provides a broader understanding of how different cultures and societies have developed over time.


  • Broad scope helps understand global connections better
  • Promotes cultural awareness by exploring diverse histories and perspectives
  • Gives context about current world issues by looking at their historical roots


  • Can be overwhelming due to the amount of information covered
  • Requires understanding of various cultures and societies, which can be challenging
  • Less resources available compared to US History due to being a less popular subject

So, which one is easier?

The answer ultimately depends on your interests and learning style. If you enjoy learning about American history and prefer a more focused subject, then US History might be easier for you. On the other hand, if you like exploring different cultures and societies and have a broader perspective, then World History might be easier.

Tips for excelling in history classes:

No matter which subject you choose, there are some general tips that can help you excel in your history classes:

  • Read the textbook thoroughly and take notes on important events, names, and dates
  • Create visual aids such as timelines or mind maps to help organize information
  • Participate in class discussions and ask questions when needed
  • Watch documentaries or movies related to the subject matter to deepen your understanding
  • Practice essay writing by analyzing historical events or figures in depth

By following these tips and finding the right subject for you, you can excel in your history classes no matter what topic they cover.